Student ministry


Student Ministry at NBCC is a place for all sixth through twelfth grade students to come and connect with Christ, themselves and other students in a Gospel-centered environment. Our focus is to provide a place that encourages students to FILL UP by connecting with God through worship, absorb and apply Scriptural truths from the sharing of God's Word, as well as ask about and discuss difficult questions and topics. 

We also equip students to LIVE OUT their faith through providing service opportunities, allowing and fostering open conversations that lead to better understanding and application, and leading by example and showing them that the Gospel was not meant to be contained within the walls of the Church. Finally, our youth ministry works to partner with parents in leading and equipping students through the difficult life decisions that they face on a daily basis, growth in knowledge of the Gospel, and being equipped to be a follower of Christ into adulthood. 


Sunday School | 9:30AM | Student Building

Sunday Worship Gathering | 10:50AM | Auditorium

Wednesday | 6:30PM | Student Building

The Student Building is located at the north end of the parking lot. 



13th- Thanksgiving Celebration

We will have our Thanksgiving meal during the normal Wednesday service. We will take care of the meat and ask each of the students to please bring a complimentary dish. We will have sign ups for this so we don’t have too many of the same thing.

17th- Krispy Kreme Voucher Sales Due

All sales should be finalized to turn in.

27th- No Service Thanksgiving Break


11th- Student Christmas Celebration

We want to have the students participate in outreach. We are still working on what exactly we will do but it will happen during the regularly scheduled Wednesday time frame. We hope to couple this with a small Christmas celebration for the students.

13th- Parents Night Out (Christmas Shop)

This will become one of our staple fundraisers, we hope. Students will provide babysitting and a pizza dinner to children. Parents can use this time to go Christmas shopping or to just go out on a date. It will last from 6-8:30. We will require advanced sign ups and suggest a minimum donation of $20 a child or $35 per family.

24th- Christmas Eve Service

This is a wonderful time to come together as a body of believers to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We encourage all students and families to attend!

25th- No Service Christmas Day


1st- No Service New Year’s Day

31st- CIY Believe

All middle schoolers are invited to attend this event. Sign ups will begin at the end of November. Final numbers are due at the end of December. The cost for the event is $59. More details to follow



I am a little obsessed with the cute Valentine’s Day cards. We will have some small things for the students on this day!

21st- Parents Night Out 6-8:30

Students will provide babysitting and a pizza dinner to children. Parents can use this time to go out on a date.  We will require advanced sign ups and suggest a minimum donation of $20 a child or $35 per family.


10th- Good Friday Service

Students and their families are encouraged to attend!

12th-Easter Sunday/ Baptism Sunday

No Sunday school classes.

Baptism is a public declaration of what God has done in your life. Of course, anyone can be baptized on any given Sunday. Baptism Sundays are set to allow for those who would like to invite friends and family to be a part of this day! Students wishing to be baptized, please let us know!!


17th- Graduation Sunday

Each year we take a moment to recognize our gradates. Questions and pictures for all graduates will be due on May 3rd.


23rd/27th- Church Camp

After much prayer and discussion, we have come to the decision to bring all students, both middle and high school to camp on the same week. This year we will be going to Crossings at Cedarmore. It is located in Kentucky between Louisville and Lexington. They focus on teaching the Bible and discipling students packaged in a fun camp experience. This environment fosters relationships that will not soon be forgotten. Even though we will attend together as an entire youth group, Bible study is separated into middle and high school with the camp pastor and will be followed by a staff led break-out time of discussion and application. 

For more information contact the church office (502.957.5541) or email Bryon and Heidi Hall at