What can I expect when I come?



  • You are welcome to attend whichever service you prefer. There is no difference in worship, preaching, etc... between the two. The only difference is that we do not have Kid's or Student Ministry during the 9AM and so that service is our "family style" service, where kids, students, and parents may worship together as one.

  • Our services times fall into the 60-80 minute mark. This includes worship and the sermon.

  • Our worship is comprised of a collection of modern worship songs and hymns. All of our songs point to the glory of God and the truth of the gospel.

  • Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you. People at NBCC wear anything from jeans and a t-shirt, to dress clothes. Please be encouraged to come as you are, and dress however you wish. 

  • We teach through expository preaching. Meaning, we take a book of the Bible, and go verse by verse each week. In each sermon we are pointing and drawing the text to the finished work of Jesus (the gospel), and our need for a Savior.

  • We offer childcare through our Pre-K, Kid's, and Student Ministry. For more information look at our "Ministries" tab.