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CIY Believe – Middle School
announcementBelieve is a high energy weekend event for junior high students on February 3-4 and is held at the International Convention Center downtown. It is structured specifically for the world of middle schoolers and is packed with powerful worship and teaching from God’s word. This will be a great time for your student to get to hear from some amazing teachers, worship with some truly devoted bands as well as hundreds of other students their age, and grow both in their personal walk as well as within the youth group.

______ Outs – Middle & High School
The events formerly known as YACs will now be called Outs!! There are going to be 4 types of Outs – HANG Outs, GO Outs, LIVE Outs, and HELP Outs –  each with a specific purpose where, about once a month, we get “out” of the Student Building and do something together that cultivates the relationships and friendships within NBSM. HANG Outs will be simply focused on spending time together watching a movie, playing games, or just doing whatever without any sort of agenda. GO Outs will be where we go and do something – like go see a movie, go to watch a game, or go do something fun together. LIVE Outs will be focused on serving others and our community through some sort of service project. HELP Outs are going to be times where there is a specific need at the church or with someone in the church – like Deck the Halls, campus cleanup, or helping out at Ms. Bentley’s house.

Beach Week – High School
Spring Break is a time for resting, relaxing, and… Hanging out at the beach! We are going to be partnering with Okolona Christian Church’s Student Ministry to take high school students down to Laguna Beach Christian Retreat for a week focused on what it looks like to truly rest in God. We’ll be just outside of Panama City and also just across the street from the beach itself so there will be plenty of fun and games as we look to enjoy the beautiful weather for the week. While we will be hanging out on the beach, we will have devoted quiet times and session times that will include live worship as well as a rest-focused message that highlights the truth that God provides and blessed us with the Best Rest.

White Mills – Jr High Week 2 – Middle School
White Mills Christian Camp is a place that is very near and dear to most of us here at NBCC and this week of camp is highly anticipated by all within NBSM. The students will get to spend a week away from all distractions of home (phones, TV, video games, phones, etc.) while also getting a chance to encounter God on a very real and personal level through daily quiet times, focused electives, Scripture reading and memorizing, and high energy worship sessions featuring Godly music lead by a full band and a Scripture based message. White Mills handles all of the registrations and can be found here or grab a broschure at church – just ask Jesse or Jordan. (Financial assistance is available, so please don’t let that be a reason for your student not to go!)