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North Bullitt Student Ministry – NBSM – is a place for all 6th through 12th grade students to come and connect with Christ, themselves, and other students in a safe environment. Our focus is to provide an environment that encourages the students to “Fill Up” by connecting to God through musical worship, absorb and apply Scriptural truths from the messages, as well as ask about and discuss difficult questions or topics. We also hope to equip students to “Live Out” their faith through providing service opportunities, allowing and fostering open conversations that lead to better understanding and application, and leading by example and showing them that the Gospel was not meant to be contained within the walls of the Church. NBSM will do all that we can to partner with parents in leading and equipping the students from the first day we meet you, through the salvation process, and into the growth and discipleship stages of our faith walk.

Feel free to come by, check out what we’re doing, and just hang out at any of our services listed below.


Middle School Worship (MSW) – Wednesday @ 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Our Middle School Worship is open to all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and is geared to discuss and apply topics as they relate
to the crazy and ever changing world of middle school. We will generally open the service with some sort of game or activity to get
everyone up, moving, and participating before we move into a time of teaching and worship. The teaching is focused on getting the
students comfortable and engaged with the Bible in a way that helps it come alive within their own lives so that they begin to use it to
find answers that they may have or just to seek God’s will for their lives. Our worship time may be a little bit different from week to
week but what you can expect is that it will always be a time where we respond to whatever God may be saying to or teaching us –
that means that it is going to be more of a time to respond in many different ways and not always just singing a few worship songs.
The last element to this service is group discussion time. This is where the real ministry happens as the students are given the
opportunity to talk about how the message or worship experience applies to their lives specifically. Groups are led (more facilitated)
by fantastic adult volunteers who have a passion to see students grow into strong and healthy disciples of Christ.

High School & College Worship (HSCW) – Sunday @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Just as the middle school students need a place to talk about issues and topics that are relevant to them specifically, high school and
college students need that as well. This service focuses on just that and is open to freshmen in high school up to seniors in college.
While we might discuss similar themes in both services, the HSCW service will dive deeper into the application and Godly practice of
these topics as the students are gaining more independence and getting a taste of what life outside of their parents’ home is going to
be like. There are three main elements to this service – teaching, worship, and fellowship. The teaching will, of course, be Biblically
based but will also be structured in such a way as to leave the students hungry and craving to do some reading and research on their
own to truly hide God’s Word in their hearts. As with MSW, the worship time will be more focused on responding or applying the
night’s message in a very realistic way so that the students understand that worship is a lifestyle and not just limited to singing along
with a band. The last element of the service is fellowship. If you look at the example of Jesus’ ministry, He and the Disciples were
always spending time together and that resulted a close nit group or even a family – this is exactly what we are trying to replicate. We’ll
try to create this culture by intentionally spending time with each other after the service – maybe grabbing dinner, going bowling or to
see a movie, or just something outside of the walls of the church that help us get to know each other and build Godly relationships.

Sunday School – Sunday @ 9:30 – 10:30 am
The Sunday School hour is a time focused on education and discussion and a place where the students are more in control of where
the conversations go. We will be using RightNow Media to get the students familiar with video devotions as just another tool that they
can use for their personal growth as a Christian. We’ll watch a short teaching video or devotion and then break into smaller groups (MS
girls, MS boys, and all HS students) to discuss how the message of the video applies to their lives. This is a very laid back environment
and the goal is to create the feel of just talking around the kitchen table so that all students feel welcome and comfortable enough to
talk and share their own thoughts and opinions.

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