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What We Do

COMMUNION AND BAPTISTRY  A list of volunteers is prepared at the beginning of the year of ladies that will prepare the communion for the Sunday morning services. Volunteers are also enlisted to assist those being baptized, wash and dry those garments and towels, and return them for the next baptism.

BEREAVEMENT  When a church member loses a family member, one of our volunteers coordinates with the family to provide food during the visitation.

MEALS FOR MEMBERS  We coordinate providing meals to church members who are in need due to reasons varying from financial, medical, etc…

MISSIONS  Throughout the years, COS has sponsored children, visited the Galilean Home, provided supplies for several children’s homes, etc.  Wherever the needs is, we want to help in any way possible!

YOU NEED IT, I HAVE IT  COS provides a confidential service whereby we help church members locate items needed during a difficult time.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH  Periodically, as a need arises, WRJ endeavors to meet the needs of our community, such as Christmas gifts for a nursing home, Easter baskets for the Adult Day Care, back-to-school project for needy children, etc…

BIBLE STUDIES  A variety of women’s Bible studies are offered throughout the year that are geared to provide growth, fellowship and enrichment in our spiritual walk.

RETREATS–FUN! FUN! FUN!  We’ve gone as far as Gatlinburg for a much needed retreat from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We also hold retreats locally that have both fun and games or include a workshop.

FUNDRAISERS  COS has a small amount budgeted through the church, so we have creatively come up with ways to raise money that is used in various ways to support this ministry.

PRAYER GROUP  One of the most important aspects of our daily walk with the Lord is prayer. We find creative ways to join together as a group to spend time in prayer and fellowship.

There is so much more to the Women’s Ministry at NBCC.  If you need anything, have questions and/or just want to participate, contact Carla Kuchenbrod at csk1014@windstream.net or 502-541-8056.