Lead Minister position vacant


Jesse Jones, Student Minister

 Jesse Jones is very much a local to the Hillview/Northern Bullitt County area. He grew up going to Okolona Christian Church at a time when OCC and NBCC partnered up for a good number of events. Little was he aware that God would eventually lead him to serve at NBCC, but God always has bigger plans than we can even imagine. Though he has no vocational training in ministry, Jesse has served as a volunteer leader in youth ministry since his junior year in high school, and it is a passion that he and his wife, Jordan, have shared for many years now. As a matter of fact, it was through serving in the youth ministry at OCC that Jesse and Jordan met – just more evidence of God’s bigger plans being at work.

In 2013, Jesse graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Civil Engineering degree and a focus in Construction Management. As part of the scholarship that paid for this degree, Jesse has worked, and continues to do so for now, as an Engineer in Training at the KY Transportation Cabinet. Currently, the plan is to transition into full-time ministry in August of 2017 after the scholarship has been paid back in full. Jordan works for Maryhurst, a company that provides care and support for at risk children who have been removed from their homes or from other foster care facilities, as a Therapeutic Support Specialist. She spends her days working with clients one on one to try to give them back the hope that was stolen from them through every imaginable circumstance, serving them in the most basic ways through the love of Christ.

Though new to the NBCC family, Jesse and Jordan are excited at this opportunity that God has placed before them to pour into the students of the area. The youth ministries that they have been a part of in the past have been incredibly influential in each of their personal relationships with Christ and they hope to continue that same process for the students of NBCC. 

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Ray Wiseman, Children’s Minister

Ray Wiseman, is NBCC’s Hoosier transplant from Ramsey, IN. The year 2005 was a big year for Ray… he graduated from Louisville Bible College with a Bachelor’s of Christian Education, was ordained as a minister , and married his college sweetheart, Jessie. Ray and Jessie were blessed in 2006 with the gift of their daughter, Ibalari, in 2008 with their son, Clay, and again in 2014 with their third child, Walker.  Jessie is a stay at home mom and home schools their children.

Ray enjoys doing some of the same things with his family that his parents did with him as a child…going to Southern Gospel concerts and watching baseball games. Ray is excited to partner with the parents and congregation at NBCC to teach children about God’s amazing love for them. The Wiseman’s have been at NBCC since 2010.

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Terry Gallagher, Secretary

 God led her to the secretary’s position at NBCC in 2011. Terry and Mark have been married since 1994. Terry is a charter member of NBCC and has been actively involved in every aspect of this church since its inception. Currently, Terry is highly involved in the Ladies’ Ministry and a member of the Praise Team.




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Greg Heimann, Worship Leader

Greg Heimann, his wife Volinda and daughter Lydia have been attending North Bullitt Christian Church since 2004. It was through this community of believers that Greg decided to give his life to Christ. Since coming to NBCC, the Heimann family has been actively involved in music ministry and in January 2009, the elders of NBCC hired Greg as the new Music Minister.

In addition to teaching and performing Greg has also coached wrestling, chess and academic teams. Greg and his family adore the people of NBCC and are absolutely “ate up” with music. They look forward to serving God and His church for many years to come.Greg Heimann received both his BME and MM from Eastern Kentucky University. He has been a public school band director since 1994. He currently holds the position of Band Director at Valley High School in Louisville, KY. Greg has directed, performed with and taught several ensembles including concert bands, marching bands, jazz bands, rock bands, drum lines, percussion ensembles, choirs, musicals, show choirs…(you get the idea).

They are thrilled at the opportunity and feel amazingly blessed in what God has done with their lives. They invite you to worship the Lord in all that you say and do and encourage you to share the love, peace and grace of Jesus Christ through God’s gift of music.

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