Our worship is contemporary modern worship music.  You can expect high-energy, passion, emotion and an evident presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  Our worship team is very talented, and are always seeking God-gifted individuals to join the team.


You will find a “Connect Card” in the pocket of the chair in from of you.  We ask that you fill one out (include address the first time), and add any prayer requests you might have (please circle Y or N so that we know whether or not to publish it).  On your way out after service, just drop it off in the basket on the table.  If you are a first time visitor, take the card to Connection Point where you will receive a gift as our way of thanking you for joining us. Shepherding is very important to us at NBCC, and we want to be able to minister to you and your family.


You can expect to see people wearing suits, dresses, jeans, etc.  We believe that the Bible mandates that we always dress modestly, but He doesn’t mandate the type of attire. You can expect to see people on stage wearing jeans.